Cuyabeno tour 4 days


Max People: 45


All year

Departure and return

Meeting point “Magic Paradise”

Do you like adrenaline and adventure? This is the trip you are looking for. Come visit Caiman Eco Lodge in Cuyabeno, your new home surrounded by the incredible Amazon jungle!


Day 1: We will meet at Lago Agrio between 8:00 am and 9:00 am, where we will take our private Cayman transportation to the entrance of the Cuyabeno Reserve. 2 hours of travel approx.
At this point, visitors must register at the Reserve office where we will have a brief chat with our naturalist guide in which they will give them information about the Cuyabeno Reserve, important recommendations and other tips to start the two-hour canoe trip through the Cuyabeno River to Caiman Lodge.
During the canoe trip you will be able to enjoy the wonderful flora and fauna found in the jungle. You can also see some of the 10 species of monkeys, birds and other animals in the jungle, depending on the weather and weather conditions
We will arrive at Caiman Lodge around 1:30 pm

We will have lunch.
At that time they will be assigned their rooms and they will be able to relax for a few minutes.
4:30 pm, We will go out in a motorized canoe and paddle to explore the flooded jungle, where we will have the opportunity to see a variety of flora and fauna, among them the sloth bear, pink dolphins among others.
We will take a tour around the Laguna Grande. Immediately we will go to the middle of the Lagoon to see the wonderful Sunset and swim.

Then we will return to the camp for dinner.
We will have a welcome cocktail.

We will go out in search of alligators, snakes and nocturnal birds from the motorized canoe.

They finish their first day in the jungle.

Day 2: Breakfast 7:00 am
8:00 am We will take our rowing canoes and head to our Caimancocha trail, we will have a walk in the primary forest of approximately 3 hours, On this trail our guide will explain about the ecology of the Amazon jungle, medicinal plants, a variety of animals and interactions of the ecosystems with the greatest biodiversity on Earth.
1:30 pm, we will return to our Lodge.

We will take a rest in the amahacas or rooms.
4:30 pm We will take a tour in our Catamaran, with ease to relax, observe a variety of animals, pink dolphins, monkeys.
We will swim and watch the fantastic sunset.
7:30 pm Dinner
Later, we will have a night walk for about an hour to spot arachnids, amphibians, and hopefully nocturnal reptiles.

Day 3: 6:00 am We will meet at our Cayman Meeting Point.
We will go to our Great Cayman Bird Tower, to see a variety of birds and the beautiful sunrise, accompanied by a delicious coffee.
8:00 am. Breakfast
9:00 am We will go downriver towards the Siona Community of Puerto Bolívar, a journey of approximately 1:30 minutes and there we will be received by one of the native women who will take us to the cassava plantation to harvest cassava and with our help we will show the preparation of one of their traditional foods, casabe (Yuca flatbread). Immediately after this, the guide will introduce you to one of the last 4 Shamans of the Siona tribe in Ecuador and one of them will explain his worldview directly related to the Ayahuasca drink, a part of the energy cleansing ritual will take place. with their songs that come from an ancient oral tradition from Shaman to apprentice.
We will take a brief tour around this place in search of snakes, and other animals that we can find.
In addition, we will find one of the largest trees in Ecuador, the Ceibo, where we can take photos and hug this tree to have many good energies.

Lunch – Lunch
We will return to the Lodge in the afternoon and we can go to the Laguna Grande at sunset, swim and return to the Lodge for dinner and thus be able to relax in a hammock or have a beer at the bar.
4:00 pm Return to the Cayman.
5:00 pm, We will take our last tour in the Laguna Grande, and we will see dolphins, and more animals that the Jungle offers us.
Swim and watch the Sunset.
7:30 pm Special dinner with our Guide, where we will share our experiences in the jungle together with a farewell cocktail.

Day 4: 5:30 am We will take a tour to observe the sunrise and a variety of birds.
8:00 a.m. We will have breakfast at the hotel and prepare for the return at 9:30 a.m. to the Cuyabeno bridge where we will have a Box Lunch and then they will be picked up by our private bus that will take them to Lago Agrio so they can return to Quito either by bus or plane.

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